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Din Rail Adjustable Voltage & Current Protector Over And Under Voltage Protector

When the voltage is higher than the limited value, our device automatically cuts off the power,and when voltage is normal, then it would reconnect the circuit, no need to manual operation.
  • BX-V648-D

  • BXST

Product Description

1.Product Introduction

DIN-rail voltage protector, also known as DIN-rail overvoltage protector or DIN-rail overvoltage protection device, is a device used to protect electrical equipment and systems from overvoltage damage. It is typically installed on the rails of electrical control cabinets or switchboards to monitor mains voltage and take action to protect equipment in the event of an overvoltage condition.

2.Product Functions

  • Overvoltage protection: DIN-rail voltage protector can monitor the power supply voltage. Once the voltage exceeds the safe range, the protector will quickly take measures, such as cutting off the power supply or reducing the voltage, so as to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged due to overvoltage.

  • Equipment protection: Overvoltage may cause damage to electrical equipment, affect its performance and even cause fire hazards. DIN rail voltage protectors can detect and isolate overvoltage problems to ensure that equipment is in safe working condition.

  • System stability: Overvoltage problems can cause electrical system instability and affect its normal operation. DIN rail voltage protector can prevent system fluctuation caused by overvoltage and maintain system stability.


◢The Installation Orientation

◢Be sure to pay attention to the markings when wiring

◢Do not reverse the live and neutral wires

◢Make sure the protector is securely installed

◢Detection equipment is able to properly detect and respond to electrical problems


Rated supply voltageAC220V
Operation voltage rangeAC 80V~400V
Rated frequency50/60Hz
Electric current(>A)setting range1~40/63A/80A
Overvoltage(>U)setting range230~300V
Undervoltage(<U)setting range210~140V
Rated current40/63A/80A(subject to product label)
>U and <U trip delay0.1~30S
Reset/start delay1~600S
Voltage measurement accuracy2%(Not exceeding 2% of the overall range)

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